Our STEM model is about an investment in people. The model is created to develop the professional capacity of organizations to ensure pathways to STEM careers. 


Professional learning

Teaching using the PBL model for science has made science come to life for my students.  Engaging in real, meaningful problem solving increases student achievement as well as how excited they are to learn.  - Jessica N. (8th grade teacher)


On Site, Customized Professional learning

Our team can customize professional learning opportunities and sessions that are site-specific and address the constraints and goals of your organization. Our team can work with your own teachers and staff on site. We can co-design the professional learning opportunities with your own team. 


Regional Institutes 

Twice a year, we host larger STEM Institutes, immersing participants in week-long sessions, focusing on all aspects of our STEM model. Participants will be engaged in:

  • Problem-based learning
  • Transdisciplinary approaches
  • Collaborative structures
  • Professional interactions
  • Resiliency and creativity outcomes

Once a participant has completed a STEM Institute, they are part of our STEM network, gaining access to all planning templates and resources, past PBL units developed by teachers, and the ability to connect with hundreds of STEM educators to share ideas. 

Leadership Matters

We also offer a strategic leadership symposium nested within our STEM institutes, designed specifically for principals, administrators, and teacher leaders who are expected to lead a STEM effort forward.