We partner to create a network of educators and organizations to expand STEM education.

We develop and facilitate national STEM Institutes for professional learning.

We engage school districts, organizations, and industry experts to originate robust problem-based learning models.

We orchestrate entrepreneurial pathways for all students, it is no longer just about academic trajectory, it is about economic trajectory. 

Our Mission

Working in partnership with our community, on behalf of our students, we foster risk-taking and resilience, through collaboration and stewardship. Through strategic partnerships, we build positive entrepreneurial identities and foster growth mindset. 

At STEMinspired, we work to create shifts in thinking - we want students to become job creators, not just the workforce. To support this shift in thinking, and help introduce you to STEMinspired, we offer tours, yearly centralized trainings, and site-customized professional learning opportunities. With our coaching, you will not only learn how to effectively use our problem-based learning model, but experience it for yourself. 

I have always prided myself on keeping my classroom relevant. This takes relevance to a whole new level. I love that students will be presenting to actual professional experts.
— STEM Summer Institute Attendee 2015

What We've Achieved

  • Academic achievement and growth for all student populations in urban, suburban, and rural areas 
  • Student-run companies and patents pending K-12
  • Over 200 industry and community partnerships
  • Trained over 1200 educators in our STEM model 
  • Over 1000 student internships starting at 8th grade. 
  • First site based STEM Fellowship 
  • 10 public school campuses nationally
  • Members of the League of Innovative Schools 
  • Batelle's 1 of 8 nationally recognized STEM programs